I’d Vote for This Guy…


California Senate candidate: “We’re all going to die”

Take all of the rich people’s money, put it toward fighting climate change. Then, take all of the poor people’s money, put that toward fighting climate change. Basically, nobody gets money anymore until no more climate change.

Withdraw military from Middle East. Deploy military in people’s driveways to make sure they’re not taking unnecessary trips, driving when they could be walking, etc …


By BenjaminTheDonkey: Limericks of Doom

A small sample of an impressive portfolio…



I’m O.K. with more BAU—

It’s better than being all through;

The truth is, my friend,

I don’t want it to end,

And neither, I’m betting, do you.


We’d be smart to shut our damn yaps

And keep this doom stuff under wraps:

If we kept it hush-hush,

We might put off the rush

To inevitable collapse.


But it doesn’t take a savant

To excuse being nonchalant:

Once we admit

That we can’t change jack shit,

It doesn’t matter what we want.


Rational Animals: An Oxymoron

What logical reasoning gave

To us since we came from the cave

Sure got lots of ink

And changed how we think

But not the way we behave.