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un-Denial Manifesto: Energy and Denial

Why my interest in denial?

Denial Theory (video version)

Denial Theory (short version)

By Alex Smith: Radio Ecoshock interview with Ajit Varki

Darwin & Varki

On Burning Carbon: The Case for Renaming GDP to GDB

You know you are in trouble when…

Essays (bigger thoughts)

I Remember…

On Oil

On Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons

The Great Story (A Reality Based Religion led by Michael Dowd)

Reality Denial Harm Prevention: A Proposal for Screening and Licensing

On Religion and Denial

On the Tragedy of Trends

Tribes Trump Reality: War is Probable

It’s Time to Get Real: Trump’s a Symptom, Not the Problem

A Summary of Our Predicament: Overshoot Is a Bitch

Overshoot Awareness: The Pros and Cons

Is Austerity Rational? I Think So


The Big Picture on One Page

What would a wise society do?

Are We Experiencing the Peak of What is Possible In the Universe?

The Universe and Its Purpose

Why We Want Growth, Why We Can’t Have It, and What This Means

On the Wealth of Citizens: An EU Perspective

Overpopulation Denial

Climate Change Policies: 2 required + 1 optional

Denial is Layered: What is Your Blind Spot?

Interest(ing) Denial: 0% for 90 Months

On the Leap Manifesto

Denial and Depression: An Informal Survey and Analysis

book review: The Vital Question: Energy, Evolution, and the Origins of Complex Life by Nick Lane

Peak Oil and Low Prices??

Not the Trees Too Damn It!: On Gail Zawacki

Climate Change is a Really Hard Problem, Really

book review: Storms of My Grandchildren by James Hansen

COP21: Doubling Down on Denial

COP21 and Air Travel

Why Are We Printing Money?

What to Expect as We Collapse

Blogs (smaller thoughts)

On Famous Polymaths

Catch-22: On New Year’s Resolutions

An Elevator Pitch for MORT

On Onions, Gods, and Mars

A New International Journalism Standard: Certified 100% Denial-Free™

On Winning the Game

Awareness of Death


Supply & Demand

Denial is the Only Topic Less Popular than Overshoot

Renewable vs. Fossil Energy: An Interesting Natural Experiment is Underway in Venezuela

Denial of the Inconvenient Truth: Shrink the Economy or Die

Whether Forecast

Cause for Hope, Despair, or Both?

My Election Platform

Canadians Are In Denial

A Smile On My Death Bed

Climate Scientists Damage Their Own Credibility

Religion Evolves (Baba Brinkman): We Need a New One

Yellen and 0.25%: Will She or Won’t She?

Extra Special Idiocy or Not

Time to Question the Pie

By Other Authors

By Jack Alpert: On Sustainability (without the bullshit)

By Ajit Varki: Did Human Reality Denial Breach the Evolutionary Psychological Barrier of Mortality Salience?

By Ajit Varki: Mind Over Reality Transition: The Evolution of Human Mortality Denial

By Tom Murphy: The Energy Trap (we all scream for ice cream)

By Tim Watkins: The Three Vortices of Doom (energy, debt, state)

By Jean-Marc Jancovici: Can we save energy, jobs and growth at the same time?

By Jack Alpert: Unwinding the Human Predicament

By Jay Hanson: Reality Report Interview (November 3, 2008)

By xraymike79: Evolutionary Dead-Ends

By Tim Morgan: The need for new ideas

By Nate Hagens: Energy, Money and Technology: From the Lens of the Superorganism

By Nate Hagens & DJ White: GDP, Jobs, and Fossil Largesse

By Vaclav Smil: Energy Revolution? More like a Crawl

By Tim Morgan: Why Mr. Trump can’t raise American prosperity

By Erik Lindberg: Economic Growth – A Primer

By Nate Hagens: Blindspots and Superheroes

By Alice Friedemann: Big Fight: 21 top scientists show why Jacobson and Delucchi’s renewable scheme is a delusional fantasy

By John House, MD: A Superb Summary of Our Predicament

By Gail Tverberg: Why Energy-Economy Models Produce Overly Optimistic Indications

By Various Authors: On the Origin of Life

By Nate Hagens: There is No Green without Lean

By Tim Morgan: A World Economy Snapshot

By Tim Morgan: Perfect Storm Gets Nearer: Surplus Energy Economics Update

By Art Berman: Oil Prices Lower Forever? Hard Times In a Failing Global Economy

By Tim Clarke: The Demise of the Global Oil Industry: Best Case 2022

By James Howard Kunstler: Forecast 2017: The Wheels Finally Come Off

By NOAA/NASA: Annual Report: 2016 was 3rd Successive Record-Warm Year

By Gail Zawacki: The Waste Land

By Alice Friedemann: An Interview on Energy

By Erik Lindberg: Six Myths About Climate Change that Liberals Rarely Question

By Paul Chefurka: No really, how sustainable are we?

By Gail Tverberg: Our Economic Growth System is Reaching Limits in a Strange Way

By John Weber: Superman Plays With Kryptonite Dice

By Gail Tverberg: 2016: Oil Limits and the End of the Debt Supercycle

By Gail Tverberg: Oops! Low Oil prices Are Related to a Debt Bubble

By Nate Hagens: A Guide to Being Human in the 21st Century: Resource Depletion, Behavior and the Environment

By Nate Hagens: Limits to Growth: Where We Are and What to Do About It

By Tim Garrett: Thermodynamics of the Economy (interviews and papers)

By Nicole Foss: The Boundaries and Future of Solution Space (plus interview)

By Tom Murphy: Growth has an Expiration Date

By Jeremy Jackson: Sea Level Rise is Dangerous

By Nick Breeze: Survivable IPCC Projections Based on Science Fiction: Reality is Far Worse

By Jim White: Abrupt Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future

By Gail Zawacki: The Silent War on Trees

By Nate Hagens: Carbon Fee and Dividend: It Won’t Work

By Dana Meadows: On Sustainable Systems

By Steve Ludlum: Climate Tactics Redux

By Steve Keen: Credit Money: How it Works and Why it Fails

By Steven Kopits: Global Oil Market Forecasting: Main Approaches & Key Drivers

By Dermot O’Conner: There’s No Tomorrow

By Richard Smith: China’s Communist-Capitalist Ecological Apocalypse

By David Collum: 2015 Year In Review

By RE: Descent to Darkness: 2015 Collapse in Words & Pictures