My Desire to Be Well Informed

Rob Mielcarski

I’m a 59 year old ex systems software developer and high-tech executive with an honors M.A.Sc. Electrical Engineering degree from UBC. I’m concerned about human overshoot and the damage we are doing to a very rare and precious planet, and I’m deeply fascinated by the depth and breadth of our denial of the situation. I sometimes like to think of myself as Varki‘s Huxley. I am attempting to reboot my life with a smaller footprint and a model that might provide some security, sanity, and satisfaction despite the coming storms.

The singular emergence of human intelligence, and its ability to write and read this paragraph, evolved in a gene controlled machine with an unusually powerful computer, that was created by an improbable simultaneous double mutation for an extended theory of mind with denial of reality, and whose complexity was enabled by the increased energy per gene provided by mitochondria, that resulted from an accidental endosymbiosis of two cells, powered by an unintuitive chemiosmotic proton pump, that originated in an alkaline hydrothermal vent, on 1 of 40 billion planets, in 1 of 100 billion galaxies, and that planet had an improbable store of photosynthesis and geology generated fossil energy, that the species leveraged to understand and appreciate, the peak of what may be possible in the universe, before it vanished, because it denied the consequences of its success.



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This is a painting by Roy Henry Vickers of Kye Bay where I live.

Kye Bay by Roy Vickers




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