Denial as Renewable Resource

Ajit Varki and Danny Brower
What fascinates me most about our predicament is that we do not acknowledge or discuss it, let alone plan or act appropriately. Ajit Varki and Danny Brower have proposed a theory that explains the existence and uniqueness of humans, and their denial of reality. I’m a huge fan and frequently feel like I’m the only person in the world that appreciates the significance of their theory which I rank as important as Darwin’s. This site exists because of their book.

Tim Garrett
Tim Garrett is a physicist and lone voice that explains the economy with the laws of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics is, for those who do not know, the closest thing to bedrock that science has. Garrett’s papers form the foundation of every thought I have about the economy and climate change.  Garrett has not yet been recognized by the scientific community and I fear may never be recognized due to our inherited denial, but I know he is important, thank you.

Nick Lane
Nick Lane is my favorite science writer. He has a knack for identifying and explaining the most profoundly important and interesting aspects of biology and life. If you would like to develop a deep appreciation for how fortunate we are to be alive there is no better place to start than reading his books. I wrote a review of his most recent book here.

Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins is a biologist with a brilliant mind. I read Dawkins’ famous book The Selfish Gene many years ago and it had a profound influence on my understanding of life. I’ve since read most of his other excellent books. Dawkins is a leader of the atheist community and he helped to reinforce my beliefs. Dawkins tends to focus on the logic and facts associated with religion. As I’ve aged I now prefer to view religion through the lens of inherited behavior.

Chris Martenson
Chris Martenson has a PhD in neurotoxicology and is an ex-senior executive who after becoming aware of our predicament changed his lifestyle and produced a high quality video series titled “The Crash Course”. It’s free and is an excellent place to begin learning about what is actually going on in the world.

David J.C. MacKay
David J.C. MacKay is a physicist and senior government advisor who wrote a book titled “Sustainable Energy – without the hot air”.  Anyone who believes we can switch to renewable energy without a dramatic change to our lifestyle should start here. The book is available for free. David died in April 2016 and I wrote a eulogy here.

Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy is a brilliant physicist who after learning of peak oil went searching for solutions and documented his investigations in a series of excellent essays. After concluding that there is no solution to business as usual he went mostly quiet but his archive is very impressive for those seeking an understanding of energy.

There are a few other key people who I respect and owe much to. You’ll see some of them in my Resources and Blogroll lists and I’ll post links to their work from time to time.

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