By BenjaminTheDonkey: Limericks of Doom

A small sample of an impressive portfolio…


I’m O.K. with more BAU—

It’s better than being all through;

The truth is, my friend,

I don’t want it to end,

And neither, I’m betting, do you.


We’d be smart to shut our damn yaps

And keep this doom stuff under wraps:

If we kept it hush-hush,

We might put off the rush

To inevitable collapse.


But it doesn’t take a savant

To excuse being nonchalant:

Once we admit

That we can’t change jack shit,

It doesn’t matter what we want.


Rational Animals: An Oxymoron

What logical reasoning gave

To us since we came from the cave

Sure got lots of ink

And changed how we think

But not the way we behave.

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