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Katie Goodman: I Didn’t Fuck It Up

Katie Goodman: Fuck This Shit

Katie Goodman: It’s All Gonna Be Okay

Stefanie Steven: Time to Say Goodbye

The School of Life: Wisdom

Yann Arthus-Bertrand: The Secrets to Happiness

Yann Arthus-Bertrand: The Simple Pleasures

Cary Huang: The Scale of the Universe

Ernest Cline: Dance Monkeys Dance

South Park: Dopamine

Robert Sapolsky: On the Science of Pleasure

Mr. Robot: What Is It About Society That Disappoints You?

Utopia: What’s Wrong with Curing Malaria?

Benjamin The Donkey: Hooray for Deniers

Benjamin The Donkey: The Yeast Cells

Benjamin The Donkey: Acceptance

The Newsroom: The Climate Change Debate is Long Over

Steve Cutts: MAN

Steve Cutts: Happiness

Moby & Steve Cutts: In This Cold Place

Cordell Barker: Runaway

Krell Williams: Welcome to the New Age

Mike Shouldice: A Brief History of Doom

Gail Zawacki: The Silent War on Trees

Population Institute: Lord Man: A Parable

Ran Prieur: Spread of Tribal Violence

1000 Years of War in 5 Minutes

Baba Brinkman: Religion Evolves

Baba Brinkman: God of the Gaps

Baba Brinkman: Make It Hot

George Carlin: Life is Sacred

True Detective: Rust Cohle’s Philosophy of Pessimism

Loretta Jenkins: How I Seize It: Global Warming

Loretta Jenkins: How I Seize It: Overpopulation

Michael and Webb: There is No God

Dominic Frisby: Debt Bomb

South Park: And It’s Gone

Tom Simmons: Worried About the Environment

Ismo Leikola: Debt

Eric Hines: Cityscape Chicago II

Climate Change Denier’s Anthem

Weathergirl Goes Rogue

Kingsman: The Secret Service: Global Warming is the Fever, Mankind is the Virus

The Matrix: Human Beings are a Disease

When Someone Discovers Peak Oil

David Attenborough’s Fucked Planet

Human Population Through Time

They’re Made Out of Meat

Utopia S02E06 “A Selfish Act”

George Carlin on Soft Language

The Monkey Trap

Harry McClintock: Big Rock Candy Mountain ( theme song)

Muse: The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

Philip Larkin: This Be the Verse

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