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Katie Goodman: I Didn’t Fuck It Up

Katie Goodman: Fuck This Shit

Katie Goodman: It’s All Gonna Be Okay

Stefanie Steven: Time to Say Goodbye

The School of Life: Wisdom

Yann Arthus-Bertrand: The Secrets to Happiness

Yann Arthus-Bertrand: The Simple Pleasures

Cary Huang: The Scale of the Universe

Ernest Cline: Dance Monkeys Dance

South Park: Dopamine

Robert Sapolsky: On the Science of Pleasure

Mr. Robot: What Is It About Society That Disappoints You?

Utopia: What’s Wrong with Curing Malaria?

Utopia: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Benjamin The Donkey: Hooray for Deniers

Benjamin The Donkey: The Yeast Cells

Benjamin The Donkey: Acceptance

The Newsroom: The Climate Change Debate is Long Over

Steve Cutts: MAN

Steve Cutts: Happiness

Moby & Steve Cutts: In This Cold Place

Cordell Barker: Runaway

Krell Williams: Welcome to the New Age

Mike Shouldice: A Brief History of Doom

Gail Zawacki: The Silent War on Trees

Population Institute: Lord Man: A Parable

Ran Prieur: Spread of Tribal Violence

1000 Years of War in 5 Minutes

Baba Brinkman: Religion Evolves

Baba Brinkman: God of the Gaps

Baba Brinkman: Make It Hot

George Carlin: Life is Sacred

True Detective: Rust Cohle’s Philosophy of Pessimism

Loretta Jenkins: How I Seize It: Global Warming

Loretta Jenkins: How I Seize It: Overpopulation

Michael and Webb: There is No God

Dominic Frisby: Debt Bomb

South Park: And It’s Gone

Tom Simmons: Worried About the Environment

Ismo Leikola: Debt

Eric Hines: Cityscape Chicago II

Climate Change Denier’s Anthem

Weathergirl Goes Rogue

Kingsman: The Secret Service: Global Warming is the Fever, Mankind is the Virus

The Matrix: Human Beings are a Disease

When Someone Discovers Peak Oil

David Attenborough’s Fucked Planet

Human Population Through Time

They’re Made Out of Meat

George Carlin on Soft Language

Bill Burr: Population Management

The Monkey Trap

Harry McClintock: Big Rock Candy Mountain ( theme song)

Dire Straits: Industrial Disease

Muse: The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

Philip Larkin: This Be the Verse

George Carlin: The Planet Isn’t Going Anywhere. We Are!

Adam Freeland: We Want Your Soul

Chris Rock: On Politics

Stock Market Analysis

Keb’ Mo’: Victims of Comfort

Doris Day: Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)

Gotye: Eyes Wide Open

George Carlin on Denying Reality

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