By Nate Hagens: Contrasts and Continuums of the Human Predicament

Here is this year’s annual Earth Day talk by Nate Hagens.

My introduction to last year’s talk by Nate is still valid:

I used to preface Nate’s talks by saying he provides the best big picture view of our predicament available anywhere.

While still true, I think Nate may now be the only person discussing these issues in public forums.

Everyone else seems to have retired to their bunkers and gone quiet.

If you only have an hour this year to devote to understanding the human predicament and what needs to be done, this may be the best way to spend it.


4 thoughts on “By Nate Hagens: Contrasts and Continuums of the Human Predicament”

  1. Hi Rob,

    Thank you for sharing. This is Nate’s best presentation to date. Straddles the gulf between emotion and facts well. One suspects that it is more digestible than a “facts only” approach.

    Agree that the future reality will probably be worse than necessary based on human nature and denial. Despite that, efforts like yours and Nate’s to mitigate the downside, even a little, is time and effort well spent.


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