By Joe Barry: Over-population is the Real Cause of Climate Change


Thanks to JH for bringing this article to my attention.

…if changing the way we behave requires a reduction in our living standards, then nothing will happen.

The remarkable thing is that the real cause of global warming is rarely mentioned. It is the elephant in the room. Everyone can see it but no one wants to speak about it, presumably because this subject is a contentious one and challenges the core beliefs of many religions.

The undeniable fact is that we, the human race, are the cause of our own difficulties and unless we reduce our numbers, we will self-destruct.

When famine struck in 1985 the population of Ethiopia was 36m. That famine eventually ended and their current population is now almost 100m. In 1960, there were only 11m in the entire country.

Like all animals, humans are programmed to reproduce and increase in number but like lemmings, which periodically breed beyond the carrying capacity of their surroundings, we are facing imminent disaster unless we change our ways.

In the past, wars, famine and plagues kept world populations in check. Happily these are now rare events, but if we continue to ignore the true reason for the environmental disasters facing us, we will rapidly pass the point where we can save ourselves.


2 thoughts on “By Joe Barry: Over-population is the Real Cause of Climate Change”

  1. I can see how it might be possible to interpret this article as blaming the poorer highly-populated countries for climate change.

    Just to be clear on my position I think Tim Garrett explains the cause of climate change most accurately as US$1(1990) = 10mW. In other words, CO2 is proportional to wealth. This means one Canadian produces many times the CO2 of one Ethiopian.

    One of the problems that the author highlights is that no one, rich or poor, Canadian or Ethiopian, will voluntarily reduce their lifestyles.

    That leaves only 2 choices: policy driven or nature driven population reduction. The former will be much less painful.


  2. Here is another good article…

    “The world today is beset with a host of major issues — oil depletion, climate change, food shortages, resource wars, species extinction — to name but a few. But these are only symptoms of the one true problem. “The Real Problem” — the one that spawns all others, and the one that mankind must face at some point — is that there are simply too many human beings on this planet.”


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