By Tom Lewis: It’s Too Late to Brace for Impact

Abrupt Climate Change

A succinct climate change status report by Tom Lewis…

Here, in the 18th year of the New Millennium, the 28th Year of Our Internet (delivering unlimited information to all), and the 30th year of the Great Harangue over Climate Change (dating it from James Hansen’s testimony to the Senate), this is where we are:

  • The world’s emissions of greenhouse gases — the kinds of pollution that trap solar radiation like greenhouse windows and heat the climate — not only increased in 2018, but increased faster, setting a new all time record — despite the wildly hyped growth of “renewable” energy sources — according to two new studies published last week. Scientists said the emissions’ growth and the resulting acceleration of climate change, resembles a “speeding freight train.”  
  • The world’s people bought more cars, and drove them farther, in 2018 than in any year in history, driving oil consumption up for the fifth consecutive year despite the advent of hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • In November the Trump White House published findings by 13 Federal agencies and hundreds of scientists concluding that climate change is well under way and will cost the economy hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century. Never mind the millions of deaths, the migrations, the homelessness, the dislocations — we have to put a dollar value on it to pay any attention to it. Asked what he thought of the report, President Trump said “I don’t believe it.”
  • In October the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued an alarming report warning that greenhouse gas emissions are rising so fast that they will cause widespread food shortages, wildfires, coastal flooding and population displacement, not by the end of the century, but by 2040. One of the latest studies — the “speeding freight train” one — says all those effects may be seen by 2030. That would be just over 11 years from now
  • Last week, the Climate Change Conference meeting in Poland — this is among other things the conference of 200 nations that agreed to and is trying to implement the Paris Agreement on how to combat climate change — refused to adopt the October IPCC report on objections by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kuwait. Thus what one major international UN organization had concluded about the facts of climate change were deliberately ignored by another major international UN organization working on climate change.
  • Last week, France cancelled a planned increase in taxation of fossil fuels, part of a four year effort to reduce carbon emissions and slow global warming. Carbon taxes have long been advocated as one of the few effective things government could do to reduce emissions. The prospect of this tax ignited violent protests by thousands of so-called “yellow vest” demonstrators who threatened to destabilize the country, and continue to do so after the cancellation of the fuel tax.

The secretary general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, told the climate change conference in Poland now in session, “We are in trouble. We are in deep trouble with climate change.” He went on to say, as hundreds of scientists and bureaucrats before him have said, that we are not doing enough. But he’s dead wrong about that. We are not doing anything. We are making it worse, faster. In part by jetting hundreds and thousands of people hither and yon around the world to conduct endless air-conditioned meetings on what we might think about doing, if we were ever going to do anything.

Here’s how I would put it: forget Brace for Impact, it’s way too late for that. What we need to do now, collectively, is bend over, take a firm grip on our knees, and …. well, you know the rest.

h/t Ian Graham & Kevin Hester

9 thoughts on “By Tom Lewis: It’s Too Late to Brace for Impact”

  1. Alternatively, we should just stop pretending wanting to find solutions to global warming, which will gradually get worse over the century no matter what we do, and start thinking about the Peak Oil (& EverythingElse) impact, which are really going to cause a shock to the world’s financial markets and economy…


      1. That will never happen, except by force of circumstance. That’s the way our species is. The survivors will repeat the same mantra, even though half or more of their school photo friends were swept to their destiny in our wake. Nobody notices catastrophe, unless it happens to them: only then is it “too late”. And you know what happens to Cassandras.

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        1. If Cassandra predicts armageddon but promises everlasting after life in paradise we worship her as god. If Cassandra predicts starvation from oil depletion and runaway climate change without population reduction we aggressively deny what she says regardless of the evidence. Thanks to Varki’s MORT theory we now understand why.

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          1. The story of Cassandra indicates that at least some ancient Greeks understood MORT! Cassandra is Truth/Reality – right every time, denied by all. Note that in the myth she is not simply ignored – her truth is heard, and denied.

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  2. these are just the implications of the 1972 MIT “limits to growth” study. we are right on target with those projections.

    human yeast cannot change so enjoy these remaining good days, because this story does not end well.

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  3. Not only are we not going to do anything about climate change but we would probably be better off if we literally did nothing about climate change rather than flying around the world to have meetings in air conditioned or heated rooms blah blah blahing to each other about doing something about climate change.

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