On the Origin of Life

Here are a few fabulous talks on the latest thinking about the origin of life.

By Eric Smith : Inevitable Life? (2007)


By Eric Smith: New Theories on the Origin of Life (2015)


By Michael Russell and Bill Martin: Origin of Life Animation (2010)


By Nick Lane: The Origins of Complex Life (2009)


By Nick Lane: Is Complex Life a Freak Accident? (2012)

By Nick Lane: Why is Life the Way it Is? (2015)


By Nick Lane: Matter and Energy at the Origins of Life (2016)


By Michael Russell: Origin of Life Through Convection and Serpentinization (2013)


By Michael Russell: On Life (2012)


By Sean Carroll: What is the purpose of life? (2016)


By Nick Lane: Why is life the way it is? (2017)


By Nick Lane: How Energy Flow Shapes The Evolution of Life (2018)

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