By Steve Ludlum: Climate Tactics Redux

The most effective policy is to pay people to conserve: to offer a basic income conditioned to meeting conservation standards; to pay citizens who do not have children or own cars.

Steve Ludlum has long been one of my favorite thinkers on the relationship between energy and the economy. He predicted today’s low oil price 3 years ago and got it right to within a few months.

This is Steve’s first significant foray into climate change (that I can recall) and he nails it. Steve presents a long list of proposals for addressing the problem, many of which seem feasible to me, unlike the proposals presented by most climate “experts”.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. CO2 emissions are going to decline soon regardless of what we do because of resource depletion and economic collapse. We should focus on other forms of pollution because we have solutions and because there will be indirect benefits to climate change, not to mention our and the planet’s health.
  2. We should pay people to conserve rather than spending money on green growth “solutions” that make things worse.
  3. Climate scientists should lead by example. They have no credibility today because they are hypocrites.

Lots of good stuff here.

It’s sad that none of our leaders will ever read this.

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