Lunch Price Increase

Honest growth driven by low cost energy is over.

What’s left is fake growth driven by debt and money printing.

I think the illusion of growth created by debt and money printing will eventually end when something awakens the herd to the bubbles and causes it to sell assets in a panic which will harm a lot of people, including innocents without assets.

On the other hand, if I am wrong and central banks continue to succeed with their illusion, then it seems the end game will be 90+% of assets owned by the 1% elite, and 99% of citizens angry and impoverished by a destroyed currency.

It would be so much wiser and safer to accept the necessity of a decline in our standard of living, and to allow the economy to deflate with taxation policies designed to prevent the wealth gap from widening as everyone becomes poorer.

I understand that it may be impossible to orchestrate a gradual deflation without triggering a crash, however every day that we postpone reality increases the pain we will eventually experience.

There is no free lunch.


One thought on “Lunch Price Increase”

  1. A relevant comment I saw elsewhere by Tim Morgan:

    “The fundamental, for me, is that the economy is an energy system, so is subject to energy laws and trends. The financial system is a human construct, bolted on to the real economy of energy. Any attempt to interfere with this relationship must break the monetary system, since it cannot change the realities of energy.
    It’s a bit like trying to break a rock with a twig. The twig will break – the rock will be unaffected……”


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