7.5 billion and rising

The world’s population just passed 7.5 billion.


Canada’s population has grown 19% since 2000.


An informed aware optimist believes the planet can sustain up to 2 billion people when affordable fossil energy is gone around 2040.

An informed aware pessimist believes the planet can sustain up to 1 billion people when affordable fossil energy is gone around 2025.

Both understand that the maximum possible population will be much lower if we assume a current North American standard of living.

Both understand that the maximum possible population will decrease as each decade passes for the next several thousand years due to climate change impacts on human habitat and food production.

The vast majority of people, on the other hand, are uninformed and in denial, and either don’t believe 7.5 billion people, fossil energy depletion, and climate change are problems, or do not think about the issues.

It’s no surprise that not one of the four parties competing in BC’s election have population reduction as a priority.

Nor mitigation plans for fossil energy depletion.

Nor an honest discussion of what 410 ppm CO2 means.

Denial on. Party on.

2 thoughts on “7.5 billion and rising”

  1. Canadian government promotes breeding.

    As a single man, I get no tax breaks like married folks do and now I am helping pay for these blind retards to have kids AND raise them. Stupid babies.

    Tax breaks for infertility treatments broadened under new budget

    ““The breadth and depth of patients who could be covered by this tax break has certainly increased,” she told CTV’s Your Morning Tuesday.
    The 15 per cent tax break will also apply retroactively for 10 years, meaning even those who underwent treatment in 2007 will be eligible to apply for the credit.
    The federal government says the changes are really a “clarification” of the current medical expenses tax laws, to ensure that same sex couples and single individuals have full access the credit.
    Dr. Sharma says making the tax credit retroactive seems to signal that the government recognizes that infertility is a growing rising problem.”


    The Canada child tax benefit (CCTB) is a tax-free payment made to eligible families for previous years to help them with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. As of July 1, 2016, the CCTB is replaced by the Canada child benefit, however, you can still apply for previous years.


    What’s next? Am I gonna have to chip in for juniors braces and skiing lessons?
    I never had a problem with paying taxes – it’s just that taxpayer funded breeding & rearing programs whilst overshoot gets worse by the day is the height of lunacy and denial.

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    1. We have 3 broad choices for most policies:
      1) Do something to make the future better.
      2) Do nothing.
      3) Do something to to make the future worse.

      We almost always choose option 3.

      Some idiot here recently raised the speed limit from 100 to 120 km/h thereby reducing fuel efficiency even more from the optimal.


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