COP21 Revisited

The more I think about the COP21 debacle the more amazed I become.

Take a deep breath and really think about these 4 facts:

1) 40,000 people flew to Paris and most complained about fossil energy companies.

2) Climate models that include all known feedback loops and/or an honest assessment of geologic history show that we have already emitted enough CO2 to blow well past our previous 2 degree goal. So what did COP21 agree to? They changed the goal to 1.5 degrees.

3) The only action that might reduce the climate change threat is to shrink the economy. This topic was not on the agenda. They didn’t even discuss it.

4) This collection of people have good intentions, care about the environment, and are mostly well-educated and intelligent.

The magnitude of denial is staggering.

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