One Less Blog to Follow

This denial thingy is amazing.

Almost every time I find someone who has a deep understanding of one dimension of human overshoot I dig deeper and find they are in complete denial of other dimensions. Not just a little denial. I’m talking total non-scientific bat shit crazy denial. Wasdell. Anderson. Martenson. 10,000 climate scientists, etc.

The latest is Robert Marston Fanney. I’ve been appreciating his climate change blogs as he often seems to report on new issues first with excellent insights.

Then today he writes a blog on how renewable energy is going to save us. No data on carbon emissions to build out renewables or to maintain them or the impact on the environment. No data on cost and where the money will come from or the impact of falling net energy. No mention of the fact that we’ve already emitted enough to take us to at least 2 (and probably 4-6) degrees. Total bullshit. Capped off with the following reply to a reader’s comment:

“So let’s put this bit into context. Air travel currently represents about 3 percent of global carbon emissions. But its growth is certainly a matter of concern. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce net carbon emissions from air travel including biofuels, hydrogen powered aircraft, lightweight batteries, and electric engines. Lighter than air airframes are also a potential solution. Though innovations for switching air travel to zero carbon solutions are among the least available currently, we can certainly provide incentive structures that push air travel in that direction.”

Fucking unbelievable. The only way to explain how a high intelligence person can be so willfully stupid in other domains is genetic denial.

One less blog to follow.

Welcome to the Renewable Energy Renaissance — Fight to End Fossil Fuel Burning is Now On

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