Coincidence or Expected?

Is it coincidence or expected that we are simultaneously facing:

  1. economic collapse
  2. peak oil
  3. runaway climate change

And yet everything appears sort of normal, if you close one eye and squint.

I think it’s to be expected:

  • wealth is proportional to energy consumption
  • wealth growth is facilitated by debt
  • debt requires economic growth
  • economic growth requires increasing energy consumption
  • most energy useful for creating wealth is non-renewable
  • non-renewable means finite
  • the use of anything finite must eventually peak and decline
  • more debt can delay the onset of finite resource decline
  • energy consumption releases CO2
  • CO2 causes temperature rise
  • temperature rise triggers many self-reinforcing feedback loops
  • many self-reinforcing feedback loops acting together cause runaway climate change
  • declining energy causes economic contraction
  • climate change causes economic contraction
  • more debt can temporarily mask economic contraction
  • low interest rates can temporarily make more debt affordable
  • debt growth must eventually stop when it saturates the system
  • economic contraction with high levels of debt causes collapse
  • denial prevents most people from seeing or acting on any of the above
  • forces build until they overwhelm the herd’s faithThen something snaps.

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