By Nate Hagens: There is No Green without Lean

Nate Hagens gave me permission to share this essay he wrote for the leadership of the climate and environmental movements. His objectives were:

 “To persuade, or at least interest, some in the climate/environmental community to shift their programs and priorities away from planning for a BAU low-carbon future towards preparing for a lower consumption future, which includes but doesn’t have a focus on renewable energy or BAU consumption levels. If those who care about the environment don’t integrate this into their thinking, they risk becoming largely irrelevant in the coming years.”

The essay articulates what I have been feeling for quite some time. Namely that most of the people in the climate and environmental movements, including people trying to live a more sustainable life, while very well intentioned, do not understand what we must do to improve the situation. In fact, most of the currently proposed environmental strategies either will not help, or will do as much or more damage than the fossil fuel infrastructure they seek to displace.

I do disagree with Nate on one point in that I think the climate change threat is more imminent although I think we agree on the seriousness of the risk.

I’ve read a lot of material by a lot of authors on our predicament. I place this essay at the top of my must read list for anyone seeking understanding and wondering what they should do.

Please read it. Then read it again.

There is No Green without Lean – Nate Hagens – 2014

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