A New International Journalism Standard: Certified 100% Denial-Free™



Thanks to the millions of people that visit this site every day, awareness of Varki’s revolutionary Mind Over Reality Transition (MORT) theory is exploding.

Many citizens in every country are now aware that most sources of journalism are deeply in denial and incapable of accurately reporting on the reality of world affairs and the human predicament.

Thanks to this growing demand for reality based journalism, we have launched a new international certification standard for journalism: Certified 100% Denial-Free™

Only those organizations that agree to follow our rigorous certification guidelines, and which permit us to conduct regular compliance audits on their employees and publications, may use our trademarked designation Certified 100% Denial-Free™.

Aware citizens may confidently trust content when they see the Certified 100% Denial-Free™ designation.

Aware citizens also know that any content lacking the Certified 100% Denial-Free™ designation should be viewed with suspicion and assumed to deny reality.

Dozens of influential organizations have enrolled in our program and are working hard to achieve certification. We can expect many more organizations to enroll as momentum grows and consumers vote with their wallets.

Please be patient because certification takes time given the rigor and difficulty of compliance, which often involves terminating many executives and employees that have denial genetics too strong to override with re-training.

You are encouraged to pressure your favorite journalism sources to seek or accelerate certification.

We are offering certification as a non-profit public service. Enrollment is free and the only cost is reimbursement for actual certification and auditing expenses.

3 thoughts on “A New International Journalism Standard: Certified 100% Denial-Free™”

  1. Love your site – but I haven’t seen you tackle what seems to me to be part of the problem of “denial.” From a slightly different perspective (Becker, etc.) denial can be viewed as closely related to repression. Humans cannot live without denial or repression and have satisfying lives, so the whole goal of trying to avoid it seems misguided.

    Better by far to give people new motivating illusions, or perhaps new religious beliefs.


    1. I’ve often wondered if a new religion, grounded in science, that worships our rare place in the universe, and that deals with our genetic need for life after death by focussing on the gene, might be the only thing that could motivate us to voluntarily climb down. Lately I’ve been thinking it wouldn’t work because successful religions seem to support what the genes want to do (ie maximize replication), not oppose them.


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