By Alice Friedemann: Why Did Everyone Stop Talking about Population & Immigration?

Alice Friedemann lists the top 20 reasons we stopped talking about the most important issue we should be talking about: population reduction.

I wrote an essay on the same topic here.

I note that we also stopped talking about the importance of living within our means and avoiding excessive debt.

And we don’t talk like adults about climate change.

Nor do we discuss peak oil.

Or species extinction.

All of these issues are dimensions of human overshoot and are underpinned by denial of reality.

As you read Friedemann’s excellent essay observe that every one of the 20 reasons has denial at its core.

1) The Consumption of Wealthy Nations is the problem. Not the Poor.

2) It’s taboo to mention the link between poverty and population

3) Don’t worry, America’s birth rate went down

4) Feminists and Human-rights groups took over the Sierra Club

5) Cornucopian and Leftists Environmentalists also destroyed immigration and population stabilization goals

6) The American public is not scientifically educated and ignores warnings from scientists

7) Educating Women to lower population a nice idea but…

8) Only humans matter, screw the other species on the planet

9) Anyone who wants to limit immigration or population is portrayed as a racist

10) The Sierra club and other environmental groups abandoned immigration level goals

11) We must have more population growth to fund retirees and grow the economy

12) Immigrants take jobs Americans don’t want

13) We’re wealthy, so we’re obliged to offer shelter to immigrants, and we are a nation of immigrants

14) Nature keeps us alive

15) 1994 United Nations International Conference on Population and Development

16) Standard demographic theory

17) It’s Human Nature not to worry about overpopulation

18) Don’t worry: the fertility rate and disease are driving population down

19) Propaganda from anti-abortion activists, religious leaders, and right-wing think tanks

20) Many people don’t understand how powerful exponential growth is

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