By Nick Breeze: On Climate Psychology

This is a thoughtful interview by Nick Breeze of Adrian Tait on the psychology of acknowledging the reality and implications of climate change.

What’s particularly interesting about this interview is that they are mostly talking about evolved denial of reality, yet because of their own inherited denial, they are not aware that denial is their main topic.

If you are not interested in or disagree with Varki’s denial theory, the interviews are still worth watching.

One thought on “By Nick Breeze: On Climate Psychology”

  1. He makes the case that the only way to reduce the threat of climate change is to put a price on carbon.

    This is a disingenuous way of stating the solution because it obfuscates what the real and beneficial effect of a carbon tax would be, and is often made by people in denial and/or that do not understand the relationship between wealth and energy.

    The correct and more honest way to state the “solution”, assuming human influence is still stronger than the feedback loops, is that we must shrink the economy and reduce our personal wealth.


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