Denial is Amazing!

It’s fascinating to watch citizens and the media comment on Brexit, Trump, and other signs of global unrest.

There are dozens of theories about what is going on but not a single person mentions peak resources and debt.

Not one.

Not even to float the idea.

Denial seems most strong on matters relating to mortality and depleting resources. Perhaps because these are the life and death issues.

Denial is so powerful it prevents us from seeing the elephant in our living room.

And yet we are otherwise capable of incredible intellectual feats.

Denial is amazing.

2 thoughts on “Denial is Amazing!”

  1. It’s amazing the silence out there. It’s like the story of the emperors new clothes.
    It’s great that there are sites like this & Our Finite World to show us the reality.


  2. We are able to go to the moon , but not to understand something simple like we live in a finite world . It really is amazing. And very strange…


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