By Mac10: The Idiocracy Doesn’t Believe In Reality

Mac10 seems to be on the edge of an awareness breakthrough.

He senses it.

He dances around it on a regular basis.

He almost sees the elephant in the room.

He just doesn’t quite get it yet that evolved denial is the core to everything he writes about.

Who are these liars who believe that if they say something loudly and stridently enough that it must be true? They conjure fantasies out of thin air and then repeat them over and over again, until they spin them into fabricated “truth”. Are these buffoons and psychopaths really the problem, or is it their willing audience?

We live in a society that can no longer handle any form of truth. The Idiocracy will believe absolutely ANYTHING except the truth. And therefore they provide a ready audience for demagogues, radio talk shows, conspiracy theorists, and average political game show hosts.

There are many blogs beyond this one, attempting to break down the lies to reveal the truth, however, there is absolutely no lamestream market for reality. The Idiocracy doesn’t believe that the impossible is not possible.

Therefore, is the first order problem the economy, the environment, geopolitics etc? Or is the real problem that we live in a mentally ill society that needs to be told ever bigger lies just to paper over the last set of lies that have already failed?

In other words, before any problems can be addressed at the root cause level, what is needed in the first order, is a mental “adjustment”. Which is coming.

The Idiocracy doesn’t believe in reality. And reality doesn’t believe in the Idiocracy.

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