On David Wasdell’s Apollo-Gaia Project: Denial to the Moon

David Wasdell published a paper and video  in September 2015 titled “Climate Dynamics: Facing the Harsh Realities of Now”.


Wasdell does an excellent job of showing that the models used by our leaders to craft climate change policies are grossly optimistic.  He shows that we are already past 2 degrees and on a path for 10 degrees; that we must get back to less than 1 degree to be safe; and that the only way to do this is to stop using fossil energy AND remove CO2 from the air. So far so good up to page 28 of the 31 page report.

Then Wasdell gets into solutions on page 29 and falls apart with the usual lame blather about evil profitable fossil energy companies and how a transition to a solar energy economy will save us.

He does not recognize that many fossil energy companies were losing money with oil at $80, let alone today’s $30. He does not recognize the fact that the world uses about 16 T Watts of power nor the economic implications of reducing this. He demonstrates no understanding of the density, scalability, and quality limitations of solar energy. There is no discussion about shrinking the economy or reducing the population.

I’ve seen a lot of denial but this example is extreme. He’s clearly a very smart guy who understands better than most the severity of our predicament but is in total denial about what we can and/or need to do to improve the situation.

Wasdell concludes with:

“I have a dream: that humanity will break out of its state of denial and find the courage to face the harsh realities of now.”

He should start with his own denial.

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