Voting for Justin Trudeau: What’s the Objective?

Many people I know are happy about the election of Justin Trudeau and how he has already reversed many of the anti-science anti-environment policies of the previous government.

I on the other hand think that the only thing that really matters is how his policies affect our footprint and CO2 emissions. By increasing government spending he has already increased CO2 emissions from Canada.

What’s the objective? To feel good about ourselves? Or to actually do something to reduce the suffering of our grandchildren? If the latter we have to reduce our standard of living and birthrate.

Thousands of people are flying from all over the world to France to discuss climate change. The reality is that if they had stayed home they would have accomplished more.

And I see that Canada is committed to doing it’s “fair share”.

Which of course means we will do nothing.

I see lots of denial and zero reality.

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