Good Guys in Denial: It’s Everywhere and Deep: On Kevin Anderson

The layers and layers of denial, even among the good guys, is amazing!

Take Kevin Anderson for example. He’s one of the good guys. Kevin is a world leading climate scientist that has been persistent and aggressive at calling out the hypocrisy, dishonesty, and denial among his colleagues for pretending that 2 degrees is still an achievable target, for focusing on optimist and ignoring realistic emission scenarios, for not walking the talk, for telling politicians what they want to hear, etc., etc. Good on him!

On the other hand, Kevin Anderson is in denial on the implications of reducing CO2 emissions. He understands that we need to contract the economy but thinks we can do so without crashing it. He knows we need to reduce our consumption in the short term but thinks we can resume the good life after we build out renewable energy. Neither of course is possible.

Denial is everywhere, and deep.

Here is a talk by Kevin Anderson titled “Delivering on 2°C: Evolution or Revolution”.

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