By Guy McPherson: Climate-Change Summary and Update: The Case for Near Term Extinction

I’ve followed Guy McPherson for years. I do not have the ability to validate every point he makes, but he speaks thoughtfully and rationally, and his prediction that things will get worse quickly have to date been more accurate than the predictions by the majority of climate scientists, including the IPCC, which present impossibly optimistic futures, including the need for carbon capture and sequestration in their only scenario that might allow business as usual, without telling us they are assuming a non-existent and probably impossible technology, while at the same time ignoring realistic sea level rise models.

So this paper by Guy deserves a careful read, and even if some of his points are too pessimistic, he makes a good case that we are in serious trouble.

I like to think there are degrees of bad, and we might still be able chose a path less bad, but only if the majority of people on the planet reduce their consumption and family sizes, now. But that will require the majority to override their evolved behavior, so the prognosis is not good, to say the least.

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