By Gail Zawacki: The Silent War on Trees

Here is an excellent musical meditation on the impact of ozone on trees by Gail Zawacki.

“Ozone is invisible but highly toxic air pollution. As the background level increases, trees that absorb it are poisoned and become more susceptible to insects, disease and fungus. Epidemic attacks are causing forests to decline around the world. More info at

“I am old enough to remember learning about plate tectonics in college, when students were still cautioned that it was a controversial proposition.  I was incredulous that something so brilliantly, obviously true could still be considered unproven.  However, there have been many theories that were treated as heretical when first unveiled – gravity, evolution, the origin of ulcers, and the dangers of tobacco smoking all come to mind.  It is my hope that someday soon, the notion – that spewing poisons known to be toxic to vegetation into the atmosphere at ever increasing rates must and has achieved a threshold that is intolerable to trees – will become crystal clear as well.  It is in that spirit that I made the film.  Please follow the links, and leave any questions in the comments, or email me at”

One thought on “By Gail Zawacki: The Silent War on Trees”

  1. How very poignant to know that such a stalwart champion of our trees has finished a life walking and breathing amongst them. May they guard her resting place with protective branches and cover her over with their homage of leaves. And as her stardust returns to air and soil, they will find a rebirth into life, at one spirit and body with her beloved trees.

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