Greenland’s Melting: Justin Trudeau’s on the Case: Not

“Greenland is the last major remaining bastion of glacial ice in the Northern Hemisphere. Surrounded on all sides by warming airs and waters, it is the most vulnerable large ice mass to the forces set in play by a human warming of the global environment. In total, Greenland holds enough ice to raise seas by 23 feet. And, in the geological past, just 1.5 to 2.5 degrees Celsius worth of temperature increase above Holocene averages was enough to melt much or all of it.”

Northeast Greenland Begins Ominous Collapse — Giant Zachariae Isstrom Most Recent to Destabilize

To refresh your memory, if we stopped all human CO2 emissions today, which of course we can’t, the temperature will rise at least another 1 degree for a total of 2 or more degrees.

That means 23 feet of sea level rise without even considering Antarctica.

Good thing Justin Trudeau is on the case. Maybe he should start by figuring out what the fuck is going on. His first decision was to increase government spending so he’s already made the situation worse.

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