By Mac10: Globalized Death Star Countdown Sequence Has Commenced

Mac10 in fine form.

“The death star of denial isn’t global climate change, it’s Globalization itself – the invisible outer-most layer that controls all of the other risk factors. It’s unquestioned.

We need not expect Billy Bob next door to give a flying fuck about mass extinction, droughts, wildfires, or double tornadoes, when Walmart is their biggest threat to survival. We are witnessing in real time, the end of Commie Capitalism. Socialism for Billunaires. The system by which the impoverished middle class bail out the ultra-wealthy who laid them off, all while being told how lazy they are for claiming food stamps. Were it not for the free aka. “Socialized” bailout in 2008 which encouraged even greater asinine speculation, this shit show would have ended a long time ago. We wouldn’t have had to listen to entitled boy-men lecturing us endlessly on foodstamp “Socialism”, if they had actually believed in true capitalism in the first place – the status quo would have already self-imploded under the weight of its own greed and “rational self-indulgence”.

Tonight the People’s Bank of China debased the Yuan by a record amount in their latest desperately ironic bid to save Commie Capitalism from itself. Unfortunately, they broke the cardinal rule of Globalization which is that the developed nations debase while the developing nations strengthen, the only way the carry trades work.

Now, the race for the bottom just went into a steep cliff dive. Because all Emerging Markets will have to now follow suit to maintain competitiveness. The global carry trades, lifeblood of Globalization, just went deeper in the hole.

Debt accumulation has been jeopardized.

Death star countdown sequence has commenced. History’s largest game of musical chairs is about to end with all of the remaining chairs taken away at the same time.

And then everyone will be on the same fucking page. Finally.”

Globalized Death Star Countdown Sequence Has Commenced

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