By Gail Zawacki: Diva of Doom Interview

I’m a long-time admirer of the intellect and work of Gail Zawacki, the self-described Diva of Doom. You can find some of my favorites by Gail that I’ve posted here, and all of Gail’s work at her blog Wit’s End.

Here in a new 60 minute interview with Sam Mitchell, Gail provides an articulate description of the what and why of our overshoot predicament, and concludes with some wise advice on what to do about it:

Enjoy every good day that remains.


5 thoughts on “By Gail Zawacki: Diva of Doom Interview”

  1. Gracias for the plug for my interview with Gail on Collapse Chronicles. My conversation with Gail was top-notch, but please let your readers know there are dozens more interviews with other doomers (and even a few apocaloptimists) over there. You do, of course, have a standing invitation to step in the hot seat yourself, Rob.

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      1. ‘but I’m not as good on my feet as Gail’

        That’s not up to you to decide, Rob. I have full confidence that someone with your intelligence and plethora of knowledge would do just fine. I’ll take the liberty of speaking for the doomer world here and say, we want to hear you. What’s the worst that could happen?


    1. Hi Sam, another west coast Canadian here, and just want you to know that I preciate cha efforts (learned that when I lived in Atlanta). You interview like a pro – ask the questions and let them talk. Preciate that too.


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