By Gail Tverberg: The Approaching US Energy-Economic Crisis

Gail Tverberg refines her story on the relationship between energy and the economy, which is the most important issue that our leaders and media never discuss.

With each new version Gail is clearer and more comprehensive which reflects well on her effort to explain a complex and poorly understood topic.

This essay is a good place to start for someone seeking to understand what is going on in the world.


3 thoughts on “By Gail Tverberg: The Approaching US Energy-Economic Crisis”

    1. Thanks. I may be making a little progress at spreading Varki’s theory. People no longer aggressively attack the theory when I explain it. They mostly go quiet now. I’m thinking they need some time to absorb the magnitude and implications of the idea. Maybe in a few years people will begin to discuss it. 🙂


      1. You plant the seed and let it grow. I usually say to people that our fossil fuels will all be burnt by the end of this Century and we will return to being an agrarian society. It floors them, then they reject it, but there is no going back because the idea has been planted in their heads now.

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