Climate Scientists Damage Their Own Credibility

Climate scientists damage their own credibility by being in denial about the reality of our situation.

1) The planet cannot feed more than a billion people without fossil energy.

2) Those of us fortunate to have comfortable lives owe it to fossil energy.

3) Over 90% of all wealth derives from fossil energy.

4) Renewable energy does not have the qualities, scale, or return to replace fossil energy.

5) There is no easy fix to climate change.

6) There may be no fix to climate change because it is possible that self-reinforcing positive feedback loops have taken over.

7) Assuming we can still influence the outcome, austerity, conservation, and population reduction policies are the only things that might help.

8) Most climate scientists don’t set a good example in their personal lives.

Perhaps if climate scientists started setting a good example and speaking the truth they might have more credibility and impact.

Or maybe it wouldn’t make any difference.

It would be nice to have an honest fight.

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