By Nate Hagens: Reality 101 Short Courses


Reality Check Ahead

Today Nate Hagens released a new series of short courses on the human predicament created for the University of Minnesota NEXUS ONE freshman program.

More information on Nate’s educational initiatives can be found at the Institute for the Study of Energy and Our Future (ISEOF).

You can also find another excellent Reality 101 course by Nate here.


Reality 101 Short Course #1: Metacognition in the Anthropocene


Reality 101 Short Course #2: The Fossils that Power the Global Economy


Reality 101 Short Course #3: The Real Stock Market


Reality 101 Short Course #4: Finding Resilience in an Age of Turbulence

6 thoughts on “By Nate Hagens: Reality 101 Short Courses”

  1. Good to see that young people (some of which might be future policy makers) are made familiar with these concepts. I only wish I could share the upbeat message at the end, but ‘to live simply’ probably won’t mean going to Cuba with just $500 to spend. More likely it will mean you can’t go to Cuba at all. Firstly because you will need to work the land from sunrise until sunset, day in day out. Secondly because getting to Cuba can only be done by a dangerous sailing trip and thirdly because chances are that the people living in Cuba will be hostile to you (as there will be no more global culture).

    In my opinion, people talking about living more simply being the solution, often don’t realize how far we need to scale down our life style, and that the resulting civilization will not remotely be as complex as our current one.

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      1. Hi Rob
        Thanks for posting the vid links. You and I go way back, and understand brain/energy/environment at a very high level. There is the ‘truth’ which no one can know. There is the scientific synthesis of the best coalescing of scientific knowledge on the topics that can be put together – that can be approximated – which is what we’ve done in the long form materials (online shortly). Then from that there are dozens – (hundreds?) of messages that can be understood and taken on board for different demographics. For college freshmen (especially those not signing up to hear these things, but as mandatory exposure) it would be hard, but counterproductive to go to the bottom line that you’d like.

        There is SO much more that can be said. This was the 1 hour version. There is a 7 hour version and a 150 hour version (the full Reality 101 class). The problem is, in todays political and stimulation/tech environment, even a 10 minute version is too much time and dissonance for most people. Still, I am confident this content will plant some seeds in young peoples minds -and we don’t yet know how and when they will germinate. I think informing young people about ecology/human mind/energy and economy linkages is one of few ‘no regret’ strategies -but it has to be scaled. Lastly, as much as I enjoy teaching college students and believe it’s meaningful, if the ADULTS IN THE ROOM don’t quickly get a grasp on the coming financial/energy recalibration, the future education system will be extremely different, and may not exist in a way to educate about the scientific aspects of our reality.


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  2. Nate Hagens was interviewed by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock today.

    It’s a good interview but unfortunately Nate still does not acknowledge that awareness of genetic reality denial is a requirement for any positive outcome after the big reset. With denial most people will blame another tribe rather than overshoot of the superorganism, and blame will probably lead to a dark place. Any viable plan must begin with awareness of reality denial.

    Hagens tells us a breakdown or “recalibration” could be a blessing-in-disguise, pushing us into “the birth of a new ‘systems economics’.”

    He’s definitely right that thermodynamics is in charge…

    According to Hagens, Capitalism did not choose the superorganism as a vehicle, but the other way around.


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