Canadians Are In Denial

Canadians think we elected the liberals because we are decent and tolerant when in fact we voted for the party that promised the most stuff with the least inconvenience to our privileged lifestyles.

If this were not true, why did we reject the same party when they made climate change their top priority 7 years ago?

Thermodynamics trumps Keynesian economics. There is no free lunch.

The increased debt we just voted for will not fix anything and will only delay the day of reckoning and made that day much more painful when it comes.

Given that a dollar of debt now produces less than a dollar of income, it’s time to have an adult conversation and shift our strategy to conservation and population reduction.

Many people are saying they are happy the Liberals won because they will do more to address climate change than the Conservatives. I’m sure the Liberals have better intentions however the fact that they plan to increase debt and public expenditures means they will emit more CO2 than the Conservatives.

But let’s not let facts spoil our good feelings.

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