Time to Question the Pie

I have for a long time felt that the future pain we will experience from our zero interest rate policy will far exceed any benefit we obtain today.

Here is an excellent article by the ecological economist Herman Daly making this case and why we should move to a full reserve monetary system.

What is Wrong with a Zero Interest Rate?

Have you heard any of the candidates in the Canadian federal election discussing this vital issue? Or climate change, or peak oil, or species extinction, or fisheries collapse, or dying trees, or the disease epidemic caused by refined carbohydrates?

It seems our leaders are happy to discuss any issue except the issues that actually matter. Idiots. All of them.

It’s time to stop voting based on left versus right which is essentially a question of how to divide up the pie that is destroying our planet. It’s time to vote for people with the IQ and wisdom to question the pie.


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