The Most Fortunate Generations (George Monbiot)

“Fossil fuels helped us to fight wars of a horror never contemplated before, but they also reduced the need for war. For the first time in human history ‐ indeed for the first time in biological history ‐ there was a surplus of available energy. We could survive without having to fight someone for the resources we needed. Our freedoms, our comforts, our prosperity are all the products of fossil carbon, whose combustion creates the gas carbon dioxide, which is primarily responsible for global warming.

Ours are the most fortunate generations that have ever lived. Ours might also be the most fortunate generations that ever will. We inhabit the brief historical interlude between ecological constraint and ecological catastrophe.”

— George Monbiot, 2006

Hat tip Gail Zawacki.

As Good and As Bad As It Gets…

There is no magic unknown “dilithium crystal” energy in the universe.  Fission and oil are as good as it gets. Fusion is too hard.

It takes a rare and special planet to make oil. We blew through several hundred million years worth of oil in about 100 years.  And you can’t do fission without oil.

It was a lot of fun but we killed a lot of species and ruined our home in the process.

By Alice Friedemann: Tilting at Windmills: Spain’s Disastrous Attempt to Replace Fossil Fuels with Solar Photovoltaics

This is an amazingly good article.

Thanks to Alice Friedemann for her effort in helping us understand the truth.

It seems that the more inconvenient the truth, the more our species denies it. This, for me, is the most fascinating aspect of our behavior.