By Bodhi Paul Chefurka: I’d rather light a candle than curse the darkness

  Paul Chefurka was an early thinker about overshoot and has a large body of excellent work. He’s also an inspiration for many people wondering how to live with their knowledge of reality. This 2013 Facebook post by Chefurka provides a nice summary of his journey. The last six months have seen the most … Continue reading “By Bodhi Paul Chefurka: I’d rather light a candle than curse the darkness”

By Paul Chefurka: No really, how sustainable are we?

I was starting to write an essay on overpopulation exploring the solution space where a breakthrough in denial enabled a planned global birthrate reduction. My goal being to present a reasonable scenario for making the future less bad. Then I read this paper by Paul Chefurka who is one of the wisest people on the … Continue reading “By Paul Chefurka: No really, how sustainable are we?”

On Famous Polymaths

There are two and only two topics required to understand the basis of every success and problem in our civilization: thermodynamics and genetic behavior. By thermodynamics I mean: the laws of thermodynamics that govern our universe the relationships between energy, economy, wealth, population, and pollution the relationship between debt and surplus energy the maximum power … Continue reading “On Famous Polymaths”

By Jack Alpert: How Much Degrowth is Enough?

This analysis by Jack Alpert of what is a sustainable long-term population uses a different approach to that discussed by Paul Chefurka here. The two independent calculations arrive at roughly the same number of less than 100 million meaning we need more than a 98% population reduction to be sustainable.

By Richard Smith: Green Capitalism: The God That Failed

Richard Smith is a rare voice that speaks to the ineffectiveness of environmental organizations. Green growth is not and cannot be green. Since the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s, when environmentalists began to turn to the market, “green growth” theorists and proponents have argued au contraire that “jobs and environment are not opposed,” that economic … Continue reading “By Richard Smith: Green Capitalism: The God That Failed”


Start Here Welcome un-Denial Manifesto: Energy and Denial Why my interest in denial? Denial Theory (video version) Denial Theory (short version) By Alex Smith: Radio Ecoshock interview with Ajit Varki Darwin & Varki On Burning Carbon: The Case for Renaming GDP to GDB You know you are in trouble when… What would a wise society … Continue reading “Favorites”


Ajit Varki and Danny Brower What fascinates me most about our predicament is that we do not acknowledge or discuss it, let alone plan or act appropriately. Ajit Varki and Danny Brower have proposed a theory that explains the existence and uniqueness of humans, and their denial of reality. I’m a huge fan and frequently … Continue reading “Acknowledgments”