By Gail Zawacki: On Themism and Seeking Scapegoats for Reality

Gail Zawacki in her latest excellent essay introduces “Themist”, a new name for doomers, that tiny group of mutants with defective denial genes, that I belong to. Gail succinctly summarizes why we Themists believe know what we believe know, and discusses a new trend to blame Themists for causing civilization’s imminent collapse. I’m a Themist … Continue reading “By Gail Zawacki: On Themism and Seeking Scapegoats for Reality”

By Gail Zawacki: Why Are Climate Scientists Less Than Truthful?

Gail Zawacki is an important thinker, activist, and chronicler of human overshoot. You can find my favorite work by Gail here, and all of Gail’s work at her blog Wit’s End. Gail’s largest contribution has been to bring attention to the worldwide decline of tree health due to the rising concentration of ground level ozone caused … Continue reading “By Gail Zawacki: Why Are Climate Scientists Less Than Truthful?”

By Gail Zawacki: Diva of Doom Interview

I’m a long-time admirer of the intellect and work of Gail Zawacki, the self-described Diva of Doom. You can find some of my favorites by Gail that I’ve posted here, and all of Gail’s work at her blog Wit’s End. Here in a new 60 minute interview with Sam Mitchell, Gail provides an articulate description of the … Continue reading “By Gail Zawacki: Diva of Doom Interview”

By Gail Zawacki: The Waste Land

My new favorite piece by Gail Zawacki. A few ideas that stood out for me: Much of what we view as nature is not natural. Humans are an invasive species and we deny this reality. Ozone pollution continues to be a huge problem that we deny. Drought is not killing trees. Human air pollution is … Continue reading “By Gail Zawacki: The Waste Land”

By Gail Zawacki: Earth Embalmed

A nice article by Gail Zawacki in which she summarizes some of the recent news on the damage we are doing to our home. There are so many calamities – fish kills in Florida and birds falling out of the skies, epic floods and droughts, the slowing of the ocean currents – that when … Continue reading “By Gail Zawacki: Earth Embalmed”

By Gail Zawacki: No Mercy (on trees)

It took me a while to read this. When Gail Zawacki writes on the global decline of trees it upsets me, a lot. I can live with the extinction of a frog or an insect, but not trees. I really like trees. Gail here presents the latest science. It’s not pretty. And you probably won’t … Continue reading “By Gail Zawacki: No Mercy (on trees)”

By Gail Zawacki: Dispatch from the Endocene, #9

Another excellent piece by Gail Zawacki on pollution and trees. Well worth your time. “No, I do not think humans can help themselves from indulging in cheap energy.  We fly and ride in cars despite the risk of accidents.  Even people who claim to know better make excuses to continue to travel, to use electronic … Continue reading “By Gail Zawacki: Dispatch from the Endocene, #9”

By Gail Zawacki: Perspective and Inspiration by Albert Camus

A video on the philosopher Albert Camus found and introduced by Gail Zawacki that provides some excellent perspective and inspiration. “I find solace in learning more about Camus because for me his ideas ring true not only to what is known in the sciences – from evolution to geology and climate – but his conjectures … Continue reading “By Gail Zawacki: Perspective and Inspiration by Albert Camus”