By Richard Nolthenius: Will the End of Growth Tame Climate Change?

Dr. Richard Nolthenius is a climate scientist that I respect. I have previously posted some of his excellent work here and here. Nolthenius stopped by today to leave a comment. This gave me an opportunity to ask a climate expert a question that I have wanted to ask for a long time: Do you think … Continue reading “By Richard Nolthenius: Will the End of Growth Tame Climate Change?”

By Steven Spencer: Interview with Richard Nolthenius

Steven Spencer hosts a new podcast called Environmental Professionals Postulating. On October 27, 2017 Spencer interviewed Dr. Richard Nolthenius, a professor of climate science at Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz California. I recently discovered Nolthenius and am very impressed, in part because he respects and acknowledges Tim Garrett’s work, and in part because he is so knowledgeable. … Continue reading “By Steven Spencer: Interview with Richard Nolthenius”

By Richard Nolthenius: The Thermodynamics of Civilization

James @ Megacancer posted a link to a presentation on the thermodynamics of civilization by Dr. Richard Nolthenius who is Program Chair of Astronomy at Cabrillo College. Nolthenius is an admirer of the work of Tim Garrett and here explains and elaborates on Garrett’s work. Garrett has the best understanding in the world of the relationship … Continue reading “By Richard Nolthenius: The Thermodynamics of Civilization”

By Dahr Jamail: Update on the State of the Planet: How Then Shall We Live?

A must watch presentation on climate change by Dahr Jamail recorded March 16, 2018. I’ve criticized Jamail in the past for blaming political leaders for lack of action on climate change while Jamail regularly flies long distances to report on climate change. Nevertheless Jamail is an excellent journalist and this talk is a superb (and … Continue reading “By Dahr Jamail: Update on the State of the Planet: How Then Shall We Live?”

James Hansen On and In Denial

James Hansen is a great man, and a great example of the power and ubiquity of Varki’s MORT theory. Despite working harder than any scientist on the planet to bring reality to government climate policies, Hansen himself is also in denial about one aspect of climate change, namely the implications of reducing CO2 emissions. Wealth … Continue reading “James Hansen On and In Denial”

You know you are in trouble when…

  Examples of denial are both profound and unacknowledged. The short-term solution to our problems is the long-term cause of our problems: economic growth The long-term solution to our problems is the short-term cause of our problems: reduced consumption Reduced CO2 emissions from an economic collapse caused by low-cost oil depletion is not sufficient to prevent … Continue reading “You know you are in trouble when…”