By Tad Patzek: On the Green Queen’s Race

I wrote about the Red Queen’s race for diesel fuel here. Tad Patzek today wrote about the Green Queen’s race for electricity. Tad begins by pointing out that a recently update climate model is predicting more than 1 degree of additional warming than the previous model for our current CO2 levels. That’s bad news … Continue reading “By Tad Patzek: On the Green Queen’s Race”

By Tad Patzek: On Human Overshoot

Tad Patzek, a professor of petroleum engineering and physicist, gave a talk on January 16, 2019 at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia. His talk is titled “How Can We Salvage Our Global Civilization?” however Patzek does not answer his own question. Instead he reviews the brief history of … Continue reading “By Tad Patzek: On Human Overshoot”

By Tad Patzek: A Requiem for the Beautiful Earth

Tad Patzek is a professor of engineering working on the thermodynamics and ecology of human survival, and food and energy supply for humanity. Because Patzek is an engineer, and not an economist, you can pretty much believe everything he says. 🙂 I like this essay he wrote last month, especially since he kicked it … Continue reading “By Tad Patzek: A Requiem for the Beautiful Earth”