By Jack Alpert: How the World Works

This latest video from Jack Alpert is very good. Alpert explains why on our current default trajectory most of the global population that lives after 2050 will experience starvation and that by about 2100 our 8 billion will be reduced to about 600 million serfs leading a medieval lifestyle on a sick planet. Alpert then … Continue reading “By Jack Alpert: How the World Works”

By Jack Alpert: Why a One Child Policy is Not Sufficient Jack Alpert here explains that a one-child policy will not reduce our population fast enough to avoid the starvation of over 8 billion people this century. Our survival is totally dependent on rapidly depleting non-renewable resources, especially oil and other fossil energy, but also aquifer water, and minerals. Our survival also depends on … Continue reading “By Jack Alpert: Why a One Child Policy is Not Sufficient”

By Jack Alpert: On Sustainability (without the bullshit)

Sustainability is perhaps the most misused and misunderstood word in the human vocabulary. Most people who advocate sustainability have good intentions but no idea what they’re talking about. Jack Alpert is an exception. He’s spent a lifetime thinking about the human overshoot predicament and what we could and must do for our species to continue … Continue reading “By Jack Alpert: On Sustainability (without the bullshit)”

By Jack Alpert: Unwinding the Human Predicament

I’ve been following Jack Alpert for many years. He’s an intelligent clear thinking engineer that was apparently born without any denial of reality genes. I’ve posted other work by Alpert here, here, and here. Alpert’s devoted much of his life to diagnosing and prescribing remedies for the human overshoot predicament. This interview by James Howard Kunstler … Continue reading “By Jack Alpert: Unwinding the Human Predicament”

By Jack Alpert: How Much Degrowth is Enough?

This analysis by Jack Alpert of what is a sustainable long-term population uses a different approach to that discussed by Paul Chefurka here. The two independent calculations arrive at roughly the same number of less than 100 million meaning we need more than a 98% population reduction to be sustainable.

By Jack Alpert: Sustainable Civilization Analysis

Jack Alpert released a new video. He’s one of the few not in denial. The word “sustainable” is overused and misused. This video provides some insight into what true sustainability means. A sustainable world is a much different world than we live in, and much less abundant than most people imagine. Notice the low YouTube … Continue reading “By Jack Alpert: Sustainable Civilization Analysis”


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