Dr. David Martin – (Covid is) A Manufactured Illusion

Dr. David Martin has done a detailed review of the 73+ patents relevant to Covid and the facts are shocking and speak for themselves.

I’m allergic to conspiracies but this one smells real to me.

Everything we are being told by our “leaders” about Covid is apparently wrong.

I watched this July 9 video presentation three times before posting it because it’s so evil that it’s hard to digest and accept.

Click this link to watch the video from it’s Odysee source:


Here is a copy on YouTube which may disappear soon:

Here is a document with references for fact checking Martin’s claims:

Not mentioned by Martin but additive to the case against our “leaders” is:

  • aggressive undermining and censorship of Ivermectin, an inexpensive and safe drug for prevention and treatment;
  • no promotion of inexpensive and safe methods for strengthening immune systems;
  • irrational policies such as vaccinating people who have recovered from Covid;
  • no debate of Dr. Bossche’s theory that a mass vaccination campaign during a pandemic with a non-sterilizing vaccine may create more dangerous variants that are immune to the vaccine and a vaccine degraded natural immune system;
  • no investigation of the virus source nor measures to prevent a recurrence.

I feel like I’m having a seriously deranged dream.

If anyone is able to re-spin the data Martin presents into a pro-social or benign scenario, I would be grateful to hear your ideas.

20 thoughts on “Dr. David Martin – (Covid is) A Manufactured Illusion”

  1. Wise words from Eric Weinstein today. Click to read his excellent multi-tweet thread.


  2. Ilargi is good today. Nothing about what we are being told makes sense.

    It’s very popular these days to talk about the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated, but what if what we’re really looking at is a Pandemic of the Vaccinated? When the breeding ground for a virus doesn ‘t change much, there is not much reason for it to mutate. That reason comes for instance in the form of a vaccine, especially one that is non-sterilizing (doesn’t prevent further infection) and is used on an enormous scale.

    Instead, they’ll have you believe the opposite: that the unvaccinated (80% of whom are safe to begin with) cause a virus to mutate, and the vaccinated stop that mutating, even if they continue to infect people around them. There is no logic in that.

    And there’s that question again: what DO the vaccines do? What do they do that is beneficial to us, and which vitamin D and any of an assortment of fully harmless repurposed drugs, research into which was suspended or banned to make the vaccine EUA’s possible, could not have done, and possibly better? For one thing, the vaccines don’t grant you immunity. None. If that’s not enough yet, let’s at least start there.



    1. Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by.

      This was my first exposure to Martin and I know nothing about him. I hope Martin is a hack but my bullshit detector did not sense that in his presentation.

      Another friend also sent me that link debunking some of Martin’s previous work. I see there are some red flags in his past but I did not see those red flags in this presentation. The article was written a year ago and did not address most of Martin’s current points. The debunkers also discredit themselves by stating the virus did not originate from a lab which is almost certainly false.

      Have you watched Martin’s presentation?


    2. A partial answer to Steve’s question, summed up nicely by Penn Jilette, “Smart people learn to believe things that are counterintuitive,” he said. “Black holes, string theory, germs, trips to the moon, radio waves—they’ve had practice believing crazy s–t.”


    1. Thanks Martin. I know nothing about Fuellmich and he said little during David Martin’s presentation but Fuellmich did make a quick comment that population control may be an objective of Covid which triggered my wack job detector. I assumed that a conspiracy crank would welcome someone like Martin to their podcast, just as they do Bossche, but that does not necessarily discredit Bossche or Martin.


  3. Another friend today sent me this private message on David Martin’s thesis:

    I am in the process of reading it. It chimes with what I have learned from other sources since February 2020. NIH led by Collins and NIAID led by Fauci financed gain of function research over many years before the Wuhan outbreak. Baric and Shi worked together and published their work in the 2016 article re: uprated SARS. A US hospital administrator obtained a copy of the agreement with Moderna whereby Collins, Fauci and Baric would benefit financially from the company’s development of a vaccine. This is all about greed, hubris and psychpathology.

    And geopolitical rivalry – make no mistake, gain of function research to find vaccines to future viral threats is a cover story for bioweapons research. The Chinese military went public about their ambitions in this area in 2005. The Russians, Brits and the Americans and the Canadians have all been working in this area since shortly after WWII after they found what the Germans and the Japanese had been up to. There have been hundreds of accidental releases of biological agents which is why Fort Dettrick was closed. Can you imagine – the stupid bastards were mailing anthrax spores between labs.

    Gain of function research has to be shut down and the Fauci cabal jailed in order for the message to be crystal clear.


  4. Trying to figure out who David Martin is. My take is he’s intelligent but deficient in physics, has good intentions, and may be a little crazy.

    Seems to have made a living consulting on intellectual property, which might explain his apparent skills at patent sleuthing.

    He has some woo woo ideas about extracting abundant clean energy and mineral resources from a different way of exploiting coal. Don’t ask me for more details. I tuned out when he said the laws of thermodynamics are bullshit.

    He’s trying to build an online community that avoids left/right politics with the goal of saving humanity. Kind of like Peak Prosperity but based on The Secret rather than Peal Oil.

    He has solid evidence of Fauci’s lies and sees through the Kabuki theatre of Rand Paul challenging Fauci (skip to 3:30)

    He’s not my cup of tea, but I suspect is more correct than wrong on the Covid profit motive since the skills needed to unpick the puzzle are in his wheelhouse of competencies.


    1. It’s really quite sad.

      A hell of a lot of what Martin said was intelligent and aware, but…

      All of Martin’s work at assembling evidence against the pharmaceutical companies will be ignored because people will focus on his claim they are colluding to cull the population and rightly write him off as a wack job.


      1. With all the evidence coming out regarding population control and the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’, why does the topic of population control automatically discredit someone as a wack job?


        1. Martin did a good job of compiling evidence to show that the pharmaceutical industry has probably behaved very badly in pursuit of profit. We know from history and prior convictions that there is good reason to believe Martin is correct on this point.

          Martin presented no evidence to support a population cull hypothesis. If he were sane (ie not a wack job) he would know that he needed compelling evidence before making such a claim.


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