By Dave: Dear God

Jesus is calling the shots

A poem by Dave…

dear god, who does not exist
please help me through this day.
for what reason, i don’t know.
since you don’t exist, neither do you.
but the facts remain, i’m hungry, i’m thirsty, i want sex.
i beseech you. please help me.
plus, it’s way too fucking hot.
do something about that.

By James: Are Humans Irrational?

And why is it that most people do not have an intellectual interest in a well-constructed natural philosophy? Could it be that there is no tangible reward at the end of the process? Like a child that scoffs at having to learn Calculus, “What do I have to learn that for, I’ll never use it.”

An unnatural philosophy as provided by religion is rewarding or at least fear suppressing for those that entertain its simple tenets. A natural philosophy that approaches the bullseye of reality strips away imagined rewards and dictates against the uncontrolled hedonism of technological civilization. Promotion of false ideas and suppression of reality generally serves the consumers of a gradient. “Nationalism” serves the government and favored corporations while religion serves the metabolism of the church, no matter how small. The “Federal” Reserve takes on the identity of a government agency and thereby evades the attention of the immune system which would likely destroy it if its true parasitic drain on the economy were known. To foster its continuance it maintains a revolving door system, essentially paying the immune system to look the other way in return for future employment rewards and even provides the opportunity for well-compensated speeches to disarm potential presidential adversaries. Meanwhile, the citizenry struggles under greater and greater amounts of debt while their income slips away, perhaps to some overseas sweatshop.


I, of course, think genetic reality denial is a much more plausible explanation for the ubiquitous irrationality of humans.

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